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Schools across Douglas County and along the Front Range are cranking out their upcoming PARCC/CMAS "testing madness" schedules.  Parents are doing their research and initiating some great conversations with fellow parents and their educators.  Some of these conversations are getting confusing and somewhat frustrating when educators/school leaders are not relaying the correct information to parents and adding to this chaos.

Parents, please do not let the frustration deter you from doing what you feel is in the best interest of your child.  You did not do it when they were babies, why do it now?  There is a lot of misleading information being put out to parents right now that is very confusing due to the inconsistencies and lack of proper communication between the Colorado Department of Education filtering down through our districts and to our principals.  Disappointingly, the charter schools in Douglas County are leading the pack with the fabrications they are sending out to parents regarding a student’s non-participation in state tests and the harm this will bring to their school.  Their bully tactics and guilt trips on parents are unnecessary, punitive and threatening.  

The Colorado Department of Education recently sent out this letter specifically addressing parent refusals stating that districts will NOT be penalized.
Recent emails to parents, containing statements such as “our school and districts are penalized” and a non-participating student’s score “calculates as an automatic zero” are not just misleading, they are FALSE

PARENTS: PLEASE do your research and do not succumb to the bully tactics and misinformation that is being thrust upon you simply for exercising your right to refuse.

1)   “For calculating performance, non-participant data are not counted as zeroes – they are excluded from the calculation.  So the calculations are performed on the basis solely of students that took the test and had valid scores on it.” – Jo O’Brien, Assistant Commissioner of Standards, Colorado Department of Education

2)    Per letter executed by Colorado Department of Education’s Commissioner Hammond, “…districts will not be penalized by a lowering of their accreditation rating should their student’s participation rate fall below 95% on the PARCC assessments due to parental refusal of their students to take the PARCC assessment.”

Remember this information from our previous post?

Following a recent “Testing Madness” informational meeting hosted by Parent University of Douglas County School District, one parent posted this on a local SPEAK (Supportive Parents Educators and Kids) forum:

Refuse The Test (Parent): "Debora Scheffel from the 6th congressional district was at Parent University at MRMS to present information about standardized testing. She talked about the state BOE's decision to hold parents, teachers, schools and districts harmless if parents decided to opt their kids out of standardized testing. This means that schools should not bully parents, nor should principals have to worry if they fall below the 95% participation rate. Basically, parents can review the details and make the decision that feels right for them, and not have to feel badly about adversely affecting their child, the teacher or the school. For me this was the biggest piece of information though: No one who is in charge of parcc can seem to answer any questions with any clarity about anything that has to do with STUDENT DATA. What are they collecting, where does it go, how is it encrypted or protected, will it be SOLD to anyone, how long will it be stored and then what happens to it? THEY CAN'T ANSWER ANY OF THOSE QUESTIONS. NOT ONE. Ms. Scheffel made a point to say these things to us more than once. Anyone left on the fence can feel good about their decision to opt out - refuse the test and tell a friend!"

Below you will see our School Report Cards graded on what we have heard from parents as to how their schools have communicated these facts effectively to their parent community. 

Did they PASS or FAIL by telling the truth to parents and not bullying them into having their children take the test by sharing misinformation?  
Academy Charter School's Testing Info Email to Parents
Academy Charter School's Email Response to Test Refusal
COMMENTS: From concerned parents, Middle School Athletics participation used as punitive action towards our Middle Schoolers for opting Out of School Events.  Children sitting out in hallways by themselves during Test Prep. Absences resulting from Testing Refusals are considered Unexcused.

Academy Charter School = FAILED 
American Academy = PASSED 
Aspen View Academy's Testing Info Email to Parents
CAUTION: AVA will test students during make up window.

Aspen View Academy = FAILED 
Challenge To Excellence = FAILED
Mesa Middle School - PASSED
Rock Ridge Elementary = PASSED
District 49 = FAILED
Monument Academy = PASSED
Please understand this is a work in progress.  We are adding schools to the list daily.  Status and information may change as we have more parents opt out and receive their school's updated responses.  We are receiving correspondence all day every day and will continue to try to update as information is received.   

If you have information/updates to share from your school, please email us or message us on facebook.
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noun pri·va·cy \ˈprī-və-sē, especially British ˈpri-

                  1 a :  the quality or state of being apart from company or observation : seclusion
                     b :  freedom from unauthorized intrusion <one's right to privacy>
                  2       archaic :  a place of seclusion
                  3 a :  secrecy
                     b :  a private matter :  secret

Would you give your child a medication that the doctor offered if you knew it had some major side effects?  The same pill the doctor admittedly would not give his own child?  The doctor explains that the pill was created by a pharmacy for profits only, and has never been tested on anything…ever.  Would you give your child that pill?

PARCC and CMAS state mandated tests are no different.  By allowing your child to participate in these high stakes state mandated testing, you are subjecting your child’s privacy to the unknown.  Read more… 

Parents are saying they don’t want to hurt or punish their schools.  Teachers are saying they will lose their jobs and the doors of the schools will be closed down.  Some school admins are shaking their ugly sticks of truancy, and taking away middle school athletics participation to “punish” their students for being opted out of state testing.  There are schools shaking their fingers, reminding parents that “you signed a contract” while others are telling parents they are supposed to be a “beacon of light” and “bridging the gap” to the school community, reflecting that supposed glorified image of their school.  What about our kids?  Who is supporting them?  Aren’t we as parents responsible for determining what is in the best interest for our children’s education?  Do we base our parenting decisions regarding diapers, bottle feeding or organic food consumption on what others are saying?  Why do we allow it for testing?

We drill into our children’s heads to never talk to strangers.  Parents steer away from personalizing their children’s outer clothing and avoiding the pretty embroidery on their accessories to protect them and their identity.  Why in the world would it be okay to subject our children to this same potentially dangerous intrusion to their privacy and safety?

Parents, school board members and Colorado legislators are asking these testing companies what happens to the student data being collected.  Where does it go?  Who has access to the data?  Instead of answers, we hear crickets chirping.  They don’t know!!  Or they do, and they are just not telling.

Following a recent “Testing Madness” informational meeting hosted by Parent University of Douglas County School District, one parent posted this on a local SPEAK (Supportive Parents Educators and Kids) forum:

Refuse The Test (Parent): "Debora Scheffel from the 6th congressional district was at Parent University at MRMS to present information about standardized testing. She talked about the state BOE's decision to hold parents, teachers, schools and districts harmless if parents decided to opt their kids out of standardized testing. This means that schools should not bully parents, nor should principals have to worry if they fall below the 95% participation rate. Basically, parents can review the details and make the decision that feels right for them, and not have to feel badly about adversely affecting their child, the teacher or the school. For me this was the biggest piece of information though: No one who is in charge of parcc can seem to answer any questions with any clarity about anything that has to do with STUDENT DATA. What are they collecting, where does it go, how is it encrypted or protected, will it be SOLD to anyone, how long will it be stored and then what happens to it? THEY CAN'T ANSWER ANY OF THOSE QUESTIONS. NOT ONE. Ms. Scheffel made a point to say these things to us more than once. Anyone left on the fence can feel good about their decision to opt out - refuse the test and tell a friend!"

Students ages 10 and 11 years old participated in a “Crossing the Line” activity hosted by the school’s counselor where students were instructed to answer personal and private questions by stepping to the other side of the line in a classroom full of their peers at a local charter school.  Read more… 

Teachers are handing out invasive and personal surveys to their students in order to get to know them better. Read more… 

Parents across the state are concerned as to where all of this information is going, and where will it follow their children in the future. Read more…

On Wednesday, February 18, 2015, the Colorado State Board of Education voted 4-2 to not punish school districts if parents refuse to allow their children to take assessments.  Read more…

Who will stand up for your children?  Who will be the brave parent to opt their child out of these high stakes and unproven tests?  Is your school’s reputation worth more to you than the safety of your own child?  Will you accept the insulting bully tactics from your principals and school board members to influence your decisions regarding the best interest of your child?  We teach our children how to manage bullies on the playground, are parents practicing what they preach when they succumb to the school leaders who are bullying your decision for the best interest of your child?  Are you up for the challenge?  If you are, know that you are not alone and there are other parents, just like you who have done this, and are here to support you.

***Read the latest on the “No Penalty” for test refusals here!***
<![CDATA[Whether it is an organic Lunch, uniforms or testing your kids...Just be a cool Mom]]>Fri, 20 Feb 2015 17:26:00 GMThttp://parentingoverpolicydougco.weebly.com/research-and-information/whether-it-is-an-organic-lunch-uniforms-or-testing-your-kidsjust-be-a-cool-mom“School Choice”                               


“Uniforms/Dress Code”


“Shortened or NO Recess”

“Testing Refusals/Opting Out”

These are all very hot topics being discussed between parents at birthday parties, while waiting for carpool and on online parent school forums.  We all have our reasons for choosing to support the pros or cons of each of these topics, but are we supporting each other as parents?  We all have one thing in common, and that is our children.  Parents are trying to navigate their child’s education in the way they feel is best for their children.  Who is anyone else to decide what is right or wrong for another’s child?  Have we resorted to looking in our children’s classmates’ lunchboxes and lecturing the parents who sent a pre-packaged snack to school with their child?  Why is it suddenly okay to judge a parent’s decision whether or not to have their child participate in state mandated testing?

Recently there was a PTO Mom at one of our local schools who did not agree with parents sharing information on opting out of state testing, next thing you know, she kicked one of the parents off the school online forum!! She was even nice enough to give a “do not ever talk to me again” sayonara.  Another parent chose to opt her children out of state testing and was told they were “not supporting their school” by doing so.  Parents are very quick to point fingers and judge one another on this topic.  Have they ever stopped to think about why some of these parents might be choosing for their children to not participate?  Politics aside, has anyone stopped to think that maybe a child has testing anxiety, or maybe that parent has a child who is dealing with neurological issues and has recommendations from a physician to limit screen time to keep their child comfortable?  Is it anyone’s business why a parent chooses to have their child take high stakes testing or not?

What kind of example are we being to our children when we are feeding into this dissention between parents?  School admins are pitting teachers against parents, parents are being pushed to take sides, and our kids are watching all of this happen.  What are we teaching our kids about acceptance when parents are acting this way?

Parenting Over Policy has parents who send their children to all kinds of schools.  Some of our Moms are brave enough to homeschool their kids.  We have soccer moms and basketball moms, we have public school Moms and private school Moms, we have Moms who are the “Libs” and Moms who don’t just lean to the right, they ARE the right! But at the end of the day, after we have all collected our children, we can all have a conversation and whether we agree or disagree, we remember first and foremost the one common thing that brings us together and the reason for our passion in life is…our children.

So the next time you see one of “those Moms” instead of throwing  your best glare full of daggers, maybe consider just a smile and a nod hello, for the sake of your kids.  You don’t have to be BFFs or workout buddies, but maybe you can be an example of the kind of adult you would like your child to grow up to be.  

Be a Cool Mom.... 

<![CDATA[ACADEMY CHARTER SCHOOL GOVERNING BOARD MEETING 09 08 2014 Pt2]]>Thu, 30 Oct 2014 04:14:19 GMThttp://parentingoverpolicydougco.weebly.com/research-and-information/academy-charter-school-governing-board-meeting-09-08-2014-pt2ACS - The common Core, testing standards and data collection
The following slide presentation is titled "ACS - The Common Core, Testing Standards and Data Collection".  These slides presented to ACS parents as "the facts concerning our school" by the ACS Governing Board President are posted below.  After months of endless research and numerous meetings and conversations with Douglas County School District and Colorado State Representatives, we have discovered many facts pertaining to Common Core that were left off these slides.  Parenting Over Policy has gone to great lengths to correct the misinformation given to ACS parents on these slides and provide parents and community members with the truth along with resources that can be used to support our side.
Parenting Over Policy Says... There's More!!
Common Core 101: The History of Common Core
The Common Core State Initiative Standards, also known as CCSSI, is one of the largest movements to hit American education. Formed by the National Governor’s Association (NGA), The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and an organization called Achieve Inc., which received $43 million from Bill Gates to develop and create these standards, they were created to bring a “one size fits all” style of education into our children’s classrooms.  Read more...

Most would agree that when a movement is considered “state led” it implies that this was something initiated within the state department, governor’s office, or approved by the state legislature... THEN signed into law by the state’s Governor.  Read more...

We went directly to the National Governor's Association page to find out how these “state led” standards came to be following The Race To The Top incentives. According to the NGA website, the Common Core State Standards Initiatives (CCSSI) began as an initiative by the Chair of the National Governors Association, Janet Napolitano.  
Read more from the NGA...

Moving forward, in a June 2, 2010 press release from the US Department of Education, Statement on National Governors Association and State Education Chiefs Common Core Standards, "U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan issued the following statement regarding today's release by the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and the Council of Chief State School Officers on a set of state-led education standards, known as the Common Core State Standards.
“The release today of the Common Core State Standards is an important step toward the improvement of quality education nationwide. States have come together to develop standards that are internationally benchmarked and include the knowledge and skills that students must learn to succeed in college and career.
The nation’s governors and chief state school officers are to be commended for their leadership. These English Language Arts and mathematics standards have been developed by the states, for the states, based on research and best practices. They have benefited from extensive input from teachers, school leaders, parents, business and civic leaders, civil rights leaders, higher education and the public. These standards will help teachers, students and parents know what is needed for students to succeed in college and careers, and will enable states, school districts and teachers to more effectively collaborate to accelerate learning and close achievement gaps nationwide.
The release of these Common Core State Standards is just the beginning of the effort. As states move forward to implement the standards, they will need to translate standards into classroom teaching that will help all students master these new standards. The Department plans to support state implementation efforts by providing federal funds for high quality assessments, professional development to help teachers enhance the knowledge and skills needed to help students master the standards, and research to support continual improvement of the standards and assessments over time.
As the nation seeks to maintain our international competitiveness, ensure all students regardless of background have access to a high quality education, and prepare all students for college, work and citizenship, these standards are an important foundation for our collective work.”

The direct link to this press release is broken, but you can follow the following link to the US Department of Education site, and type in "Statement on Common Core Standards" in the Search box, the first option should take you to the actual press release. 
Link to US Department of Education Press Releases

As far as the "10,000 comments" contained in the "final draft", again the facts prove otherwise...
Read more...       and more...     and even more....   by the time you are finished reading, we have a feeling you will be well on your way to 10,000 reasons why this point is completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of Common Core.

Here's a great resource full of information with a timeline of Common Core and it's history in Colorado:

Common Core Timeline by Core Concerns

History and Development Process for the Colorado Academic Standards.  Read more...

"Common Core - What it is and is not"... with all due respect, one obvious FACT is that Common Core was NOT a state led initiative and IS a Federal initiative.

Parenting Over Policy Says... There's More!!
Curriculum 101: Core Knowledge, Core Virtues and More...Common Core!
The information presented on this slide says that CC standards do not conflict with Core Knowledge.  Well, duh.  Of course they don’t conflict…Core Knowledge is FULLY aligned with the Common Core Standards, and has been since 2010!!  
Read more…

Core Knowledge Foundation made access to Core Knowledge FREE to educators when they aligned their curriculum to Common Core. 
Read more…

Interesting statement to ponder when contemplating whether your child’s Core Knowledge education is affected by the Common Core Standards, “The foundation’s decision, she said, is motivated by its belief in the importance of a curriculum that can help “interpret and implement” the common standards.”  Be sure to read all the way to the end of the article to get a full scope of the “Meaning of Alignment”. 
Read more…

One thing to remember, just because your child attends a “Core Knowledge” school, contrary to popular belief, they are NOT “untouched” by these standards.  Why do you think those test scores are so high?

A final thought before moving on…  ask yourself, what other curriculum/programs are being used at Academy Charter School, and are they aligned with Common Core?

Reading Wonder

Core Virtues

Saxon Math

FOSS Sciences

Academy Charter School is a Douglas County School District Charter School.  What does DCSD have to say about Common Core?  From the DCSD Superintendent: Click here

ACS says, “We do not measure our students by these standards, as they set the bar too low for our students.”  The bar is set too low, but the context of Common Core being utilized within ACS classrooms seems awfully HIGH!

Parenting Over Policy Says... There's More!!
PII 101: Personally Identifiable Information: More than your “student transcript” or “permanent record”

Let’s talk about “data”.  Did you know that our student’s information is now being tracked from preschool through their college years?  We are not just talking about the ABCs found on report cards, or how many times a child was absent or that they had a habit of being tardy to second period.  Thanks to the Common Core, in addition to a student’s grades and transcripts, a child’s behavior, their diet and medications can now be tracked AND accessed through the data being collected by our schools and school districts. 
Read more on data and privacy here… 

What concerns us most about these “Data Collection” slides is the complete lack of facts about all of the information actually being collected and accessed on our students.  Have you heard about Colorado’s Golden Record, or the Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems? 

Dan Domagala, Chief Informational Officer of the Colorado Department of Education speaks about their plan to connect your child’s data in a longitudinal format to the Colorado Department of Human Services, the Department of Education, Higher Education, Department of Labor, and the Department of Corrections.  Our children’s path from preschool into the workforce will be projected and tracked using this Golden Record.

Watch now: 
Dan Domagala, CIO of the Colorado Department of Education Speaks at Informatica World

Read here how parents in Colorado are trying to access their student’s records: Click here

This presentation claims that "The Federal Government does not have access to student level data housed in state data systems."  We beg to differ. Federal Access to student data and Statewide Longitudinal Data Systems?  
Read more…

Six Things the US Department of Education Did To Deprive Your Child of Privacy  Read more...

This collection of data is happening at all ages, beginning in Preschool!! Read more...

Still think your child is not affected?  Academy Charter School is piloting "Class Dojo" in some of the school's classrooms.  What is "Class Dojo"?  Just an online behavioral tracking "tool" to help teachers and administrators monitor your student's behavior in the classroom.  Do you recall giving permission for your child to participate in this program?  Read more on "Class Dojo" and even more on their Terms of Use.

Have a look at what COPPA Law states relative to these types of programs, parents MUST have to give permission for a child to log into any online program IF the child is 13 or underClick here

The Federal Government does not have access?  Think again!!  After doing thorough research and providing you with MANY different sources on data collection, we have no use for the “Data Collection and Use” provided in this presentation.

This ACS presentation only seems to pull from one source to back up the opinions used within the information provided.  Parenting Over Policy has tried to provide our readers with multiple sources for our documentation.

<![CDATA[douglas County school district board of education meeting 8 19 2012 public comments]]>Thu, 21 Aug 2014 04:31:55 GMThttp://parentingoverpolicydougco.weebly.com/research-and-information/douglas-county-school-district-board-of-education-meeting-8-19-2012-public-commentsTo speak or not to speak...that is the question
From DCSD parent:

"My name is XXXXXXXX, I am a Douglas County parent of three middle schoolers.  
I am here this evening to bring to your attention a book called Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson that will be used in an upcoming unit in my 13 year old's Language Arts class.  This book is about a high school girl's emotional turmoil after being raped by a classmate.  This book has many references to drugs, alcohol, suicide and sex.
After bringing my concern to my student's teacher, I commend her recognizing my concerns and for giving us the opportunity to an alternative assignment.
My concern is that we were told that this was a district approved book.
According to the American Library Association, this book is #60 on the top 100 banned books list between 2000-2009.  It has also been reviewed as being "soft porn".
I beg you this evening to please open up the opportunity to review this book for our middle schoolers.  Sadly, the young children in our community are already dealing with this as reality.
Please ask yourselves, is a classroom of 12 and 13 year old children the right environment for this?"
Parents believe that due to the number of middle school and high school suicides in their community over the last year, they do not feel that the subject matters being discussed in this book are beneficial to young students.  They are concerned for the best interest and the emotional well being of our 12 and 13 year old students being affected by the potential for emotional outbursts and meltdowns due to the sensitive issues being discussed. Children are being sexualized every day, and this book glorifies it.  This book is a distraction to our children's education, not an enhancement.

At the age of 12 and 13 years old, our boys are going through puberty and changing.  Their bodies are starting to spin out of control, and generally speaking they are coming out of innocent surroundings, getting ready for the complete unknown.  The rape scenes in this book gives these boys a visual of how to take complete advantage of a girl.  For the most part, these boys really do not have any idea that they could be capable of this, but this book tells them exactly how they can take advantage of a girl, and get away with it. There is reason to be concerned for our innocent 12 and 13 year old boys and girls being exposed to these actions and then having to sit in a classroom setting and interact with each other having these thoughts instilled in their heads.  It is disappointing to see adults who are in a position of trust put our children in this kind of situation in the name of education and helping others.

Parents are moving forward and formally requesting a public complaint of this book with the school district.
Apparently, the local teacher's union disagrees..."putting kids first"?  We think not!!

But if that is happening in their lives, it's not too young to be reading about it. Laurie Halse Anderson - Speak (book in question)

— DCF (@Dougcofed) August 20, 2014
Tell us what you think!  Participate in our online survey...Do you believe this book should be included as a mandatory 8th Grade Language Arts Unit?
Email your letters of support to request to have this book questioned as appropriate material for this age group by the school district to parentingoverpolicy@gmail.com.
<![CDATA[Colorado state board of education meeting 8 13 2014 Public Comments]]>Thu, 14 Aug 2014 03:43:01 GMThttp://parentingoverpolicydougco.weebly.com/research-and-information/colorado-state-board-of-education-meeting-8-13-2014-public-commentsParents were told to take it to the state...so we did!
Colorado Department of Education State Board Meeting 08/13/2014

Public Comments:
Douglas County Parent
My name is XXXXXXX  I have children attending schools in Douglas County.  I've spent the last year and a half researching the CCSSI.

I am here today to appeal to you as a parent.  The CCSS are unproven, untested, and there is no empirical data anywhere that proves this will be effective.

I have a very difficult time turning my children over the the system to serve as guinea pigs in this grand experiment. I’m sure most of you are parents too.  Are you comfortable with your child serving as guinea pigs?

I want to see Colorado shine in our country as a true leader in education, not the place where we experimented and destroyed the future of thousands of children.

The implementation was done in a shroud of secrecy.

Give control back to our local school boards and to the parents.  Do the right thing and stop Common Core.

Douglas County Parent
My name is XXXXXX I am a mother in Douglas County, Colorado.

I am here today to support my school district’s resolution against the CCSSI that was passed last summer.

I am a mother concerned about an increased assessment time that will be taking away from my children’s learning experience.  I do not believe an “across the board” style of teaching and assessments is a benefit to my children’s education.  A square peg does not fit in a round hole.  My children learn at different levels, they should be assessed by their teachers and their local school support staff to have their growth measured of to see the areas needed for improvement...NOT a fund driven, unproven, state mandated, standardized test.  Our children are NOT standard.

Colorado is a local control state, I implore you to give the control of education back to our local school districts where it belongs.

Cherry Creek Parent
As a mother of 2 children, who are both currently enrolled in the Cherry Creek School District, I am extremely concerned about the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) which are to be fully implemented in the upcoming 2014-2015 school year. The more research I do and the more fact checking I do, the more upset I get as it pertains to CCSS. In fact, as you can tell by the time that I am sending this email to you, it keeps me awake at night.

I would like to ask each of you a series of questions and ask that you answer them honestly with a YES or NO:

1) Did State Legislatures have any input and control over the content, standards, test, and costs?

2) Did State School Boards have any input and control over the content, standard, and tests?

3) Did Parents have any input and control over the content, standards, and costs?

4) Did Teachers have any input and control over the content, standards, tests, and costs?

5) Did Local School Boards have any input control over the content, standards, tests, and costs?

6) Did the Local School Boards call a general meeting for parents to explain the Common Core curriculum and costs before the program was adopted?

7) Did experimental research support the effectiveness of Common Core content and standards and digital learning with computers?

How many questions did you answer with the word NO? Wow - all 7 questions! Just as I thought.

If Common Core were really a state standards initiative, would it not have originated from the individual states, with input and control over content and standards from State legislatures, State School Boards, local parents, teachers and local school boards?

This is not a political issue. It does not matter if you have a D or an R behind your name. This is about having local control of our education system, in addition to having an education system with representation.

I ask that you be truthful to yourself, as well to the students, teachers, local school boards, state legislatures, and parents of Colorado, AND that you do the right thing by taking action by putting a stop to the Common Core State Standards in the great state of Colorado. It is not to late, but time is of the essence and you need to act now.

Thank you for your time and I am confident that you will all do the right thing.
<![CDATA[Where Do you stand ON Common Core?  ]]>Sat, 09 Aug 2014 04:09:23 GMThttp://parentingoverpolicydougco.weebly.com/research-and-information/where-do-you-stand-on-common-coreAre you for the Core?  Or Against It?
In K-12 education, there is nothing more controversial than the Common Core State Standards, national academic standards in English and math. Adopted by more than 40 states, they were developed, in part, to address concerns that American students were falling behind their foreign counterparts and graduating high school without the necessary skills for college and the workforce. But is this the reform we’ve been looking for? Has the federal government overreached and saddled our schools with standards that have been flawed from the start? Or will the Common Core raise the bar and improve the quality of our children’s education?  VOTE NOW!!
<![CDATA[STUDENTS OPTING OUT OF COMMON CORE ARE HAVING A SERIOUS EFFECT IN NEW YORK]]>Sat, 09 Aug 2014 03:47:52 GMThttp://parentingoverpolicydougco.weebly.com/research-and-information/articles-testPicture
For those under the impression that opting out of Common Core testing couldn’t possibly have an effect, think again. New York has seen a rise in the number of parents opting their children out of Common Core testing from last year to the present.  Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino announced that he had opted his children out a couple of months ago. Read more...

<![CDATA[the common core hangover]]>Sun, 03 Aug 2014 17:05:31 GMThttp://parentingoverpolicydougco.weebly.com/research-and-information/the-common-core-hangover